Pod Bay: Web-Based Podcast Listening Service

Pod Bay is an online way to listen to your favourite podcasts, eliminating the need for desktop and iOS clients which download each episode. Search the directory to find great new podcasts to listen to.

podcast listening

Rather than waiting for your client to update and download all the new episodes, you can navigate directly to the show you want to hear by entering podbay.fm/showname and start streaming it immediately. It makes the process almost instant.


If you stop listening to the podcast you can return to the same spot later and pick up where you left off. If you’d like to share a clip of the podcast with friends, you can do so very easily.

Users can review podcast rankings using iTunes and TrueRank, making it very easy to find popular or up-and-coming podcasts.


  • Stream podcasts instead of downloading them first.
  • Easily search for your favourite podcasts.
  • Save where you got to for later.
  • Use iTunes ranking and TrueRank to find popular podcasts.
  • Similar tools: Flapcast and Stitcher.

Check out Pod Bay @ www.podbay.fm

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