Police clampdown on firecrackers

Police are stepping up their attempts at stamping out the illegal possession, use and trade of firecrackers over the Easter period announced police spokesman Andreas Angelides in a written statement on Thursday.

Angelides mentioned that a campaign informing the public of the dangers surrounding the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnics has been in place since 28 March and will continue up to 10 May. He also noted that attempts to apprehend persons involved in the illegal importation, supply, and manufacture of firecrackers have been stepped up.

Calling on local authorities to support the initiative and to enlighten children on the dangers involved, Angelides noted that 344 presentations have been conducted in schools regarding the issue, and especially the danger of the loss of life and limbs

In a related incident, 100 factory-made firecrackers were found in a car that…

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