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We are mining we have the black spider-man oh my goodness hi guys I’m going to the decoy and welcome back to my channel and today I get to reacted to panty droppers to sweetly and postman hi guys so the song gets called sunflower and endures by sweetly and I’m alone now I think the songs for a movie spider-man.

Movie I don’t know I don’t know this is my first time which I don’t even I was going to look.

Like so yeah that’s what it is if you are subscribing and I make a lot more videos for you guys.

Just for me just for you guys I miss your seeds you know reaction videos just when you guys go check it down chickens come check it so subscribe now but if you mean photographer Peter starts you know cause you can subscribe in a few moments later I don’t know so flower is so that is this is an animation of.
Not a movie – exactly and we shall be but exaggerations ooh.

Oh this is the movie spider-man into despite avez-vous spannabis universe multiples for diverse okay wow this is crazy because the lyrics on the screen on the screen and I’m just seeing somebody I don’t know this is boy waste my time I don’t I don’t know what this is but where’s my mine I don’t mean um I think this is consumed sweetie.

Okay I see the last time I’m seeing people but I don’t know aspirin is like when experiment coming into this thing I’m similar people who do know as vitamins understand this kid where is my mind Ibaka crazy oh the dinosaur cloud the girl with the blue eye using.

The sunflower get a problem oh my god oh oh he he can well also you can walk on walls okay drop in hi is this kid spider-man because if that is the case we have a black spider-man my mother my dog mrs.
Mogollon is another mother do this to me don’t do this to me don’t.

Once speaking like are you telling me.

That right now subscribe okay we have a blast by tomorrow morning we have the black spider-man oh my goodness we have a blast everybody we have black spider-man this is so nice all right oh wow that’s one chief rabbit spider king dawa spider-man Gavin is this president is looking like a spider magician who has had the robot rabbit federal true we have a spider watch let’s see okay okay okay okay I can see them clearly there’s a girl there’s the boy yes the yellow.

Hoodies but all the hugs there’s robots and something that appears yeah like a baby okay and then something I don’t know what that scene is look.

Despite not even true we have in black spider-man this is the most important enough census since I don’t know what this is but that wasn’t nothing we mother don’t bust my ladies don’t post my babies though you can just come and bust my head and.

I don’t do that my dog’s this which is crazy why spider-man rubato bike why is my reminder but this is part of me like my.

Spec tomandamanda is I hope I.

Don’t miss my boss my don’t bust my head don’t bust my head oh my knee – Spider – Wow I don’t know why the movies coming out boy was arrested in DOS the ponies don’t you dare sleep on it don’t step on it lady if it comes out next thing is little sweet the next thing is because this is very crazy I don’t know why scum.

Numbers those to the movies movies crazy both oh.

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