Powermax: Power Management App For Android

If you are an Android phone user, you need to pull out all the stops to extend your battery life. Android is a powerful mobile OS, but the combination of skin animations, widgets, and a constantly-on network means that you have to always check your battery status. Fortunately, Powermax is a one-click power management app useful for extending the time between charges.

power management app for android

Powermax is a free download from the Android Market. To use, just start it up and turn on the low-power mode which forces the phone to turn off wi-fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The low-power mode also dims the phone’s screen. Additional settings that you can turn off include vibrate, sounds, status bar notifications, and wallpaper.

Powermax also lets you override its settings if you need to turn on wi-fi for example. The app is made to live seamlessly in your phone, making it very useful for older generation models that have meager battery life. In addition, you can also view your usage history to see how much battery you have saved.


  • Power management app for Android.
  • Free to use for 10 days; $1.99 thereafter.
  • Turns off Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and more.
  • View usage history.
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Check out Powermax @ https://market.android.com/details?id=com.voltup.powermax&hl=en

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