Price of Public Transport Ticket in Sofia Goes Up Despite Protests

The price of the tickets for public transport in the Bulgarian capital went up on Wednesday despite the continuing protests of citizens against the 60 % increase.

Since the decision of the municipal council in April to increase the price of the ticket starting from June 1, citizens have expressed their discontent by holding several protests in front of the municipality and the building of Sofia Urban Mobility Center, the municipal company operating public transport in the capital.

Starting from Wednesday, the price of single ticket increased from BGN 1 to BGN 1.6, while the fine for passengers traveling without ticket doubled from BGN 20 to BGN 40. The price of a batch of ten tickets goes up from BGN 8 to BGN 12.

The price of the annual subscription card decreased from BGN 500 to BGN 365.

The monthly card for all lines retained its price of BGN 50 and the monthly card for one line also remains at the same price – BGN 23. Similarly, t…

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