PrimoSpot: Find a Parking Spot in New York City (NYC)

Here is a nice little web app for New Yorkers. PrimoSpot helps you quickly find free parking spots and garages in busy areas of NYC. At the moment it covers parking spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn areas. Queens, Philadelphia and Boston areas are coming soon.

Parking Spots in New York City (NYC)

Enter the address, intersection, or a zip code and click Search. PrimoSpot will then show you a neighborhood map along with available parking spots (see above) in the area. The different color legends indicate the time left at that parking spot. Click on the pin to see some photos and additional details. There are currently over 13,500 locations in the PrimoSpot.

Parking Spot in Brooklyn, Manhattan

Furthemore you can access PrimoSpot straight from your mobile device. The mobile version of the site can be accessed at Search results will be sorted based on the distance from the given address, starting from the closest.


  • Find parking spots in the busy areas of New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn).
  • Coming soon: Queens, Philadelphia and Boston areas.
  • Access PrimoSpot from PC or mobile phone. (iPhone-optimized version available as well).
  • Contribute by adding parking spots and garages that aren’t listed.

PrimoSpot Demo

Check out PrimoSpot @

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