PrintWhatYouLike- Save Paper & Ink when Printing Web Pages

print website pageI personally hate printing content directly from the web – even if the page “has been formatted for printing.” This is because it seems web designers and corporations alike do not care about the environment or your wallet (ink is expensive!).

They wind up printing advertisements at the bottom of your printouts or some times even (gasp!) in the middle of your content.

I found a site via the MakeUseOf Directory this morning that has greatly improved my quality of printing. With this nifty little site you can either use their website or save a bookmarklet that lets you launch PrintWhatYouLike on the site you are viewing by clicking it.

Let’s go the easier route and go straight to PrintWhatYouLike and enter a URL in the center of the page.

I chose AskTheAdmin like so:

print web page to pdf

And after hitting “start” I wound up with an editable page! Woot! Check it out:

print web page as is

Next I decided I wanted to print the home page but I did not want any graphics and I wanted to increase the font size for easier reading.

Guess what, that was all of 3 clicks of the mouse. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. You can highlight individual modules on the site and remove them.This is a great way to customize that page for printing or a presentation…

print what you like

After selecting “remove all images”, some advertisements remained and with a click click here and a click click there I removed them and had myself a good printable page for reading in the can…

Thanks PrintWhatYouLike for making this a cleaner greener place 🙂

And finally here is what my clean AskTheAdmin page looked like:

Do you have any other websites, apps or tricks to save on printer ink?   Let us know in the comments!

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