PriSpy: Monitors Price Drops for Desired Products

Many of the things we desire normally do not lie within our budget. But in case they do fall within your budget, you would want to know about it as soon as possible. Notifications of such an instance are what a tool called PriSpy provides.

product price drops

PriSpy is a web service that helps you keep track on the dropped prices of your favorite items. The site does not require you to register for any accounts. All you have to do is drag the tool’s bookmarklet onto your browser’s bookmarks bar. The next time you are on the online selling page of your item, just click the bookmarklet, enter your name and email address, and specify when you would like to be notified: if the price drops by any amount or if the price is under a specified amount. And that is all – no other settings required.

This simple yet helpful tool works for Amazon, Apple, Dell, Etsy, Zappos, Threadless, SuperDry, Hollister, and numerous other online retailers.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you keep a track of dropped prices of your favorite items.
  • Does not require any registration.
  • Works for many popular online retailers.
  • Similar tools: TheTracktor, Chintzee, Vizzl, Amazon Discount Finder and Amazanian: Better Amazon Search.

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