Procaster: Broadcast Your Desktop Over the Web

Procaster is a free tool which lets you broadcast your desktop live over the internet. It currently runs on Windows and has got a simple and easy to understand user interface. You can broadcast using your webcam or digicam, chat in real time, broadcast high quality 3D games, promote your stream on Twitter and much more. You could even mix multiple inputs in real time and produce great effects.

broadcast your desktop

broadcast your desktop live


  • Broadcast your desktop live.
  • Record & play service available.
  • Use any camera or webcam to broadcast.
  • Broadcast your screen or a game.
  • Fully moderated real-time chat.
  • High quality broadcast available.
  • Promote your stream on twitter.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • For more info see detailed demo video here.
  • Similar web tools:, FreeScreenCast, uTIPu and Screencast-O-Matic.

Check out Procaster @

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