QRpedia: Get QR Codes For Wikipedia Pages That Appear In The Phone’s Default Language

Today’s smartphones can easily open up URLs received in text messages or extracted from images. But what if the page is not in your phone’s default language? Here to sort out this issue for Wikipedia pages is a web service called QRpedia.

qr code for wikipedia

QRpedia is a simple web tool that lets you share Wikipedia pages in a better way. The app generates a QR code for any Wikipedia page URL. This special QR code, when scanned by a smartphone, redirects the phone to the coded Wikipedia page. But before doing so, the default language of the phone is detected and it is this language that the Wikipedia page is displayed in. The app is currently being used in museums for easy sharing of knowledge regarding museum items – people can simply scan the QR codes and read about the item in their own language.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Generates QR codes for Wikipedia pages.
  • Scanned codes open Wikipedia in phone’s default language.
  • Being used in museums for easy knowledge sharing.

Check out QRpedia @ http://qrpedia.org 

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