R-U-Buzzed: Blood Alcohol Level Calculator For iPhone

If you had some alcoholic drink and not sure if you are OK to drive, check out R-U-Buzzed. It is free blood alcohol level calculator for iPhone that can calculate and tell you if the amount of alcohol you took can affect your driving.

It displays your blood alcohol content based on various information that you input and warns you to designate a sober driver if you are already wasted.

blood alcohol level calculator

To know if you are already drunk, just enter your weight, gender, hours drinking, and the amount of alcohol taken.  If the app finds out that you are already wasted, it will call a cab for you (works in Colorado, USA only). If you are elsewhere, the app will provide links to cab numbers in your area.

Although this app may not be very accurate in computing your alcohol blood content as it ignores other important factors such as drink variations or individual metabolisms, it certainly reminds people to drive responsibly and hopefully it helps in preventing many driving accidents.


  • Calculates your blood alcohol content to know if you are safe to drive.
  • Calls a cab for you in Colorado, USA.
  • Provide links to cab numbers in other areas.
  • Free to download.

Check out R-U-Buzzed @ iTunes App Store

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