Raja Casablanca To Play As Vita In Caf Champions League Final

And we have made it to the CAF Champions League finals for the 12th time largely thanks to elite Sulaiman the attacking midfielders cordon both semifinal legs against Algeria’s es Suleiman saved al ali al auliyah not used to Algerian pitches and the fans were fearsome if it wasn’t for the experience of Solomon and fatty al Ali would have been.

Watching the panel on TV at home we are hungry for their ninth title but this Perron sportive due to knees aren’t going to be easy opponents emotion hey it’s a big final the relationship between the clubs.

Is great but this is a final so al ali will be playing for the number one position we’re aiming for the.

FIFA Club World Cup if we make it it will be the first time in five years Kyra will host.

The first leg of the final on the second of November the trophy will be awarded at the second leg match a week later in Tunis Holly will need to win at home and leave nothing to chance in the away match in.
Tunisia they need to take advantage of the instability in mr.
Ron’s coaching and money it’s going to be an N his 12th appearance in a CAF Champions League final.
And after last year’s disappointment the Red Devils will be more.

Determined than ever to extend the record of African titles the acidity and Karl.

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