RansomGram Picture Message: Send Your Friends Fun Ransom Note Pics [iOS]

Sending pictures is a fun way to communicate with your friends. Instead of simply sending a text, you can take it to another level and tell a real story with photos. Of course, just sending photos is fun, but with some awesome applications from the App Store, you can send photos that are even more special and cool. A new app we have discovered called RansomGram Picture Message, allows you to make some really fun photos that look like the classic ransom messages you always see in the movies.

Using the app is incredibly simple. You just add a photo to the app, and then edit the text for the ransom note portion of the photo. You can add any text you want quickly and easily, and it really does make your pictures look much cooler and much more personal. You can take the photos and send them to your friends through picture messages, which makes for a fun way to let them know what’s happening in your world. You can also use this app for all kinds of other photo effects besides ransom text. It really is a one-stop photo editor.

Any photo sharing app is not complete without the ability to share photos on your favorite social networks. With RansomGram Picture Message, you can share the created photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so your friends can see your ransom pictures no matter where they are.


  • Make fun ransom note photos to share with friends.
  • Edit all different aspects of your pictures.
  • Share photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Email and MMS photos.

Find RansomGram Picture Message on the iTunes App Store

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