Ratio Finder: Find Out What The Male To Female Ratio Is in Nearby Popular Places

Do you want to know which of the local bar usually has more guys than girls (or the other way around)? There is not reliable way to find this out. At least, there was not one before the “Ratio Finder” went online.

male to female ratio

RatioFinder is a very simple to use website that provides the male-to-female ratio of local places based on FourSquare checkins.. A map is presented with popular local places already spotted. A pink spot indicates majority girls and a blue spot indicates majority guys. You can place your mouse pointer over any point to find out exactly how many more the boys/girls are. A floating window with the place’s name, category, and ratio difference is displayed.

male to female ratio

The map itself can be zoomed in/out and dragged around for a better view.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you find out the male-to-female ratio of nearby places.
  • Provides exactly how many more girls/guys are at a place (percentage).
  • The provided map can be zoomed in/out and dragged for a better view.
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Visit “Ratio Finder” @ www.weeplaces.com/ratiofinder

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