Reddionic: A New, Exciting App For Reddit [Android 2.0+]

Here at MakeUseOf, we are serious Reddit fans. Just recently Joel published 5 Free Apps That Will Improve Your Portable Reddit Experience, a roundup that included the excellent BaconReader and several other great Reddit apps. But one interesting Reddit app Joel’s roundup did not include is Reddionic, an interesting new Reddit client.

While Reddionic is still under heavy development and is far from perfect, it is slick and interesting enough to give it a serious spin.

First Steps

As soon as you start Reddionic, it asks if you want to log in:


Once you log in, you can select your favorite subreddits:


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Note the lean, rectangular aesthetic. There aren’t even checkmarks per se: The squares just change color. The color scheme is well thought-out, if a bit low-contrast for me. Once you pick your favorite subreddits, you can control their sort order manually.

Routine Use

Once you’re done setting things up, it’s time to start using the app. I didn’t feel like using my “real” Reddit username for this post, so I created a blank one, which is why everything seems so empty. Anyway, the main screen looks like this:


And this is what it’s like to browse subreddits:


You can swipe left and right between subreddits, and the animations are smooth and fluid, at least on my Galaxy S II. An individual post looks like this:


This leaves something to be desired. I wish the image would be shown right along with the post. Still, you can tap it to open it right in the app:


And you can also tap the arrow next to it, to launch it in your default browser. What’s nice is that the same mechanism is also used when linking to images in the comments, even when the link is for a word:


There are also subtle forward/back arrows at the bottom of the screen which you can use to jump between comment threads on the same topic.

You can also star posts and easily comment on them:


It is also easy to vote on individual comments, star them, or reply to them:


You just need to long-tap a comment to pop up the action bar at the bottom of the screen. The only issue with this mechanism is that after you star a comment, there’s absolutely no visual indication – no star appears anywhere, and the star in the action bar stays white (doesn’t turn yellow).

Each subreddit has a side bar with important links, and Reddionic lets you read that sidebar using the “three dots” ICS-like context menu:


The display is pretty basic, but it works.

Coming Soon


Many parts of Reddionic are not ready yet. All over the app, there are buttons that do nothing but pop up “Coming soon” messages. For example, above you can see an individual profile page: While you can see the profile and the user’s most recent messages, you can’t follow them, send them messages, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are a heavy Reddit user, Reddionic might not be ready for you just yet. All the same, it is a promising app that I suggest you keep on your radar. It has great UI sensibilities, excellent color choices, and the parts that work offer a fluid, pleasant user experience.

Even if you already use another mobile Reddit client, you might want to take Reddionic for a spin just to get a feel for where this app and see how different it is from BaconReader.

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