Reeder For Mac Returns; Download The Free Public Beta Now

Reeder for Mac is back! You can download the free beta right now right now.

The popular desktop RSS reader, called the best Mac RSS reader by this and other prominent websites, stopped working when Google Reader shut down last summer. A new version has been in development ever since, with numerous delays.

That’s over now: a characteristically minimalistic tweet announced a free public beta last week.

The app itself is everything you remember Reeder to be, but with support for more services.


The interface gets a few refinements, alongside new transition animations. Even with this, the app run quickly.


Noticeably lacking is the ability to share to Evernote, though more integrations are on their way. Of course, half a year is a long time to wait. We’ve since claimed that Readkit is the perfect Reeder replacement, and pointed out numerous desktop alternatives to Google Reader. More than a few users have moved on from Reeder at this point.

My question: did you install an alternative to Reeder? If so, are you still planning on buying the app when the Free beta is over? Fill me in in the comments below.

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