Register Now To Be The First To Try Instagram For Android [Updates]

Instagram, the immensely popular photo sharing app for iOS, has been sorely missing from Android devices and is soon to be released. If you can’t wait for Instagram’s Android app, you can now register on the Instagram website, and be “first in line” to know when the app is available. It’s not clear whether registered users will get to try a beta version of Instagram for Android before it even hits the Android Market (or Google Play, if you wish), or if they will simply be notified before anyone else.

Not long ago, Instagram’s developers promised that an Android version of the app is well on its way, but the big question of when remained open. While we don’t yet know when the application is actually going to launch, users who register on the website are told Instagram will “be in touch soon”.


Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the App Store, if not the most popular one, and has garnered millions of users since it first launched. On Android, replacements such as Camera360, Lightbox and Vignette provide a similar experience, but many Android users are still anxiously waiting to try the real thing on their devices.

What about you? Will you register for an early peak on Instagram for Android, or are you happy with the available options?

Source: The Verge

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