Remind Me by Astrid: Task Manager & To-Do List App [Chrome]

Remind Me is a Chrome extension of the popular to-do list app, Astrid. It lets you create and keep track of your various tasks using one or more task lists. You can use it by yourself to finish your personal tasks or with others to collaborate on projects. To get started, install the Chrome extension and sign in with Google or Facebook credentials.

Once installed you will see its icon at the top right corner of your browser. Create new tasks easily with a single click. All new tasks are uncategorized by default but you can add them to lists from the task’s settings. There are 4 default lists – Home, Personal, Shopping and Work. You can add your own custom lists as you see fit.

to do list app chrome

For every task you can then set a due date, priority level and a description. By default every new task is assigned to you but you can assign tasks to other participants by inviting them via email. Tasks are private by default and you can leave comments with other participants. If you want you can make individual tasks public with one click and share them online on Facebook or Twitter.

remind me by astrid

The app is also available for iOS and Android devices. Once you install the free app on your mobile device your tasks will be automatically synced between your different smartphones, Chrome extension and web-based version.


  • Online todo list app to create, keep track of and finish your tasks.
  • Keep track of personal tasks or invite and collaborate with others on projects.
  • Categorize tasks by task lists.
  • Create repeating tasks.
  • Set priority level.
  • Assign tasks to different participants.
  • Access your tasks from anywere – mobile (iPhone, Android),web, Chrome.
  • Invite friends to show them your publicly shared tasks.
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