Report: Gabigol to Juventus next week

Brazilian sources claim Gabigol intends on accepting the Juventus offer and the €20m deal could be closed with Santos on Monday.

Sky Sport Italia and Mediaset Premium said late last night that Juve had made an €18m proposal to Santos for the striker.

Full name Gabriel Barbosa, the 19-year-old and Santos had rejected an offer from Chelsea several months ago.

According to UOL Esporte in Brazil, the big difference is that Santos only own 40 per cent of his contract and the Chelsea offer was €30m for the entire contract – so only 40 per cent of it would go to the club.

Instead, Juve appear to be proposing €20m purely to buy the Santos portion of the contract, so it’s nowhere near the full transfer fee.

Gabigol owns part of his contract, so he could accept the move to Juventus at a…

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