Repurposing Bad Adverts Into Hilarious Comedy With Jaboody Dubs [Stuff to Watch]

For as long as I can remember few comedic techniques have made me lose control quite like cleverly redubbed video. Fenslerfilm’s classic G.I. Joe dubs always spring to mind, but we’ve already covered them in a past Stuff to Watch and you can only watch them so many times before they start to lose their appeal.

Last week I stumbled across Jaboody Dubs, a YouTube user with more than 300,000 subscribers and only around 50 videos. The bulk of these are cleverly dubbed, side-splittingly funny infomercials for products so bad they need their own hard sell.

Such advertorials are some of the worst examples of advertising, particularly when customers are deceived in the process. Of course, this makes it all the more funny when the audio is replaced with something a little more fitting.

Sticky Buddy Dub

The “Sticky Buddy” is a reusable lint remover that according to this infomercial has a limitless number of uses. Cat owner? No problem. Messy eater? Sorted. Like to groom your dog with a sticky roller? I guess you’re covered too.

Of course as with every infomercial ever this one’s a special one-time offer where you get two for the price of one and a ton of extra bits of plastic you probably don’t need. As one YouTube commenter said: “I almost died watching this. I almost died showing this to my friends. This time I called 911 before watching it again.”

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PushOver Plunge Dub

Does your diet consist mostly of uncooked mexican food? Do you throw it in the toilet before eating it then wonder why you can’t flush? Then clearly you need the power of the PushOver Plunge, a revolutionary way to unblock your toilet.

There are many things wrong with this advert, like the way the toilet explodes in the face of the  over-zealous woman-with-plunger in the opening sequence. Not to worry, this replacement voiceover is here to make sense of it.

Tap Light Dub

Conventional lighting got you down? Why not install a couple of tap lights – that’s right, lights you can tap – in your home to provide a measly amount of light where you need it least. There are few better examples of deceptive marketing than this advert; just watch the out-of-shot external light sources illuminate the entire scene when the pictured product is switched on.

To close the deal the price comes crashing down as more and more tap lights are added for one unbelievable price. Still, the voiceover is as strong as ever.

DreamLites Dub

I don’t mean to bad-mouth every product on this list, I just can’t help it. Take DreamLites for example – I find it very hard to believe that the product pictured in the advert creates such a powerful and dazzlingly bright light, especially because in some scenes the perspective is completely off.

More than just a dub, this particular video reveals the DreamLite’s true use as a vehicle for satan and his demons to drag your little ones down to the underworld. The price? Their souls, of course.

Ace Power Dub

You’ve probably already seen the advert for this unbelievable exercise machine, the Ace Power horse riding simulator from Korea. Was this the product that convinced Psy that nothing says “Gangnam Style” like an equestrian-themed dance?

Probably not, no. This video was already funny, and now it’s even better. Ah Korea, where do you come up with these things?

Free Flexor Dub

Before the complaints come flooding in, this is a real product that has actually been advertised on television during daylight hours. It follows in the wake of the Shake Weight, a similarly questionable product designed to rapidly build upper body strength.

The advert probably didn’t need a dub to be funny, but now it’s got one so sit back and enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing what manufacturers come up with next to expand this concept.

Ba’noodle Dub

The Ba’noodle isn’t just a stupid name, it’s actually a pretty solid concept as far as products featured in infomercials go. That’s not exactly saying much though, after all it’s just a glorified food clip that promises to keep your questionable-looking leftovers fresh.

A better way of putting it might be if you were to put a gun to my head and tell me to buy one of the products on this list, it would probably be the Ba’noodle (manufacturers, feel free to use this recommendation in your future advertising).


Spray-on hair was once a marketable product, but somehow it seems to have fallen in popularity over recent years. After watching this advert from GLH (that stands for Good Looking Hair by the way) it’s really not hard to see why.

Unless you’re looking for a convincing way to pull off “the Chewbacca” at an upcoming fancy dress party, I’d steer clear. When I lose my hair I’m going to go bald with pride and avoid any product looking to make a quick buck off my receding hairline. That or I’ll wear a hat.

The Rest

Check out and subscribe to the Jaboody Dubs channel for the rest of his hilarious dubs, including plenty of Billy Mays parodies and sorely-remembered 90s advertising. If you have any favorites from this channel, article or similar sources of comedy gold then be sure to leave a comment, below this article.

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