RequestReduce: Improve The Speed Of Your ASP.NET Website

One factor that plays an important role in the popularity of a website is its loading time: the faster a website loads up, the more preferred it is by the site visitor. This is why website builders are looking for different ways to code up their websites or thinking of reducing material just so that their website’s loading time is minimized. The process of cutting back the loading time however can be quite a difficult one. Here to help with ASP.NET websites is a tool called RequestReduce.

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RequestReduce is a free utility that helps improve website speed. This open source tool works with ASP.NET websites; essentially the tool works with any IIS powered website. Once you deploy the tool on your website, it optimizes caching headers, minimizes JS-CSS, and automates image spriting. The tool works with locally stored files as well as ones that stored remotely. Moreover, RequestReduce can compile Less, SASS, and Coffee Script.


  • A user-friendly ASP.NET tool
  • Improves speed of IIS powered websites
  • Optimizes caching headers
  • Minimizes JS-CSS
  • Automates image spriting
  • Works well with CDNs
  • Can sync content across multiple web servers
  • Can compile compile Less, SASS, and Coffee Script

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