Reservio: Free Online Appointment Scheduler

If you were looking for a way to schedule appointments with your clients or business partners, check out Reservio. It is a free web-based online appointment scheduler that lets you easily schedule appointments online. It is optimized for 30 different business categories including Doctors, Beauty salons, Consultants, Dentists, Stylists and other professions.

To try it, go to their website and sign up for an account. Selecte your business category and occupation, insert your weekly opening hours, list your offered services one by one and employees who can manage the respective services. Once you are done, you will be provided with a link (e.g.

Simply share this link (on your website or social networks) with your customers and partners from where they can book appointments with your business by using only their name, email and phone number, without registration.

free online appointment scheduler

All of the booked appointments will appear in your calendar. You can filter them by service (SEO optimization, Consulting) or view them all at once. All of the appointments are grouped by client, so you can view every client’s appointment history from in a single place. It is easy to use and an intuitive service for appointments.

The service is free for up to 80 upcoming appointments and 500 clients. To get more appointments and clients, sign up for one of their paid plans starting from $9,95/month.



  • Schedule appointments with clients.
  • View appointment history for every client.
  • View upcoming appointments for all or separate offered services.
  • Add notes to appointments.
  • Confirm/reject appointments.
  • Create appointments manually from the dashboard.
  • Manage employees and their holidays.
  • No registration for clients/customers to book appointments.
  • Share the scheduler on your website or social networks.
  • Similar tools – Bookeo, Apptoto

Check out Reservio @

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