SaneBull: Add Financial Market Tracking Widget to your Site or Desktop

People who follow financial markets want to monitor the information in real-time from everywhere in the world. Not everybody likes to go to Google Finance or MSN Money multiple times a day. Just for that reason, we now see the financial data integrated all sorts of websites, blogs and social media portals. There are many websites that provide financial market tracking tools, but very few provide as many widgets and plugins for third party platforms as SaneBull does.

In addition to having a live stock market monitor that provides live quotes, real-time news and investment tools, SaneBull has ready-to-integrate widgets for everything from US market indexes to foreign exchange rates to gold futures. Just copy the html code and paste it into your website or blog. If you think that’s too much work, SaneBull has plugins for iPhone, Facebook, WordPress and Mac.

financial market tracking

Main features:

  • Provides widgets and plugins for real-time monitoring of financial markets.
  • Easy to use interface with latest news and investment tools.
  • Integrate widgets into your website with a few steps.
  • Widgets for US and international financial markets.
  • Plugins for WordPress, iPhone, Mac OS X, Vista and Facebook.
  • Live news updates from all over the world.

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