Scan: Simple QR & Bar Code Scanning [iOS & Android]

QR codes and bar code scanning is a technology yet to fulfill its promise. Some find it clunky and unappealing, but maybe all it takes is a good app that simplifies the process while giving us the right tools to interact properly. Scan for iOS and Android hopes to be this app.

barcode scanning ios

Scan lets you read QR codes without having to press a button or swipe something within the app. This way, you actually get a feeling that you are scanning something, rather than pointing something and taking a picture. In addition, Scan quickly detects the type of data within the QR code and then presents you with appropriate actions.

For example a phone number in the QR code will prompt you to call that number, or a URL within the code may ask you to share or open it with your browser. You can also quickly share through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, you can scan the bar code to instantly purchase products.

Scan also lets you create QR codes that work well with their app. This allows you to provide relevant information to direct potential customers to your website. This tool is available in the App Store and the Android Market.


  • Free; simplifies QR scanning for you.
  • Create scan codes for quick marketing.
  • Encourages user to act on data once scanned.
  • Create QR codes for personal pages, social media actions, URL redirection, and more.
  • Similar tools: QRreader, QRcore, JumpScan and Likify.
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