ScrapWalls: Create Collage Posters From Photos & Share Online

Collages are fun to make. Digital art has helped make even more fun with photo collages. An example of this is a massive collage poster made up of tiny actual photographs. If you want to get such a poster made, head on over to ScrapWalls. It is is a free and simple to use website through which you can create collage poster composed of individual photographs. First you select the size of the poster i.e. small, medium, large, or X-large.

create collage poster

make your own collage poster

Next you select the poster’s shape. There are many shapes you can choose from: football, rectangle, heart, guitar, etc.

create a collage poster

After these steps you select your photographs and position them the way you want in the poster. When you are done, all the photos will be adjusted automatically by ScrapWalls to eliminate gaps and overlapping. Finally a perfect poster will be formed.

You can order high quality of the posters from the website; alternatively you can share the poster for free online.


  • Lets you make your own collage poster in various shapes.
  • Lets you use your photos to make up the collage.
  • Lets you position the photos yourself.
  • Automatically “˜tidies up’ the photos to suit the collage’s shape.
  • Lets you share the poster online.
  • Lets you order high quality prints of the poster.
  • Similar tools: Fotonea, Photovisi, Shape Collage and Hockneyizer.
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