Screen Capturing is Easy with These 4 Firefox Tools

When you need to capture a screen in Firefox, using your print screen button and separate image editing software is not always efficient. Take a look at these tools instead; there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

Nimbus Screen Capture

This Firefox add-on is a favorite because of its extensive features. For capturing the screen you can select from the visible part of the page, a selected area, the entire page, or a blank screen to drop an image just for editing.

Settings are simple and include the option to choose either .jpeg or .png for the file format, an image quality slider, the default filename template, ability to enable quick capture, and customizable shortcut settings.

The editing tool is quite intuitive with plenty of features as well. You can easily zoom, crop, and resize the image. Drawing tools include shapes, lines, arrows, text, and notes with configurations such as line width and color. You can also use blur, shadow, and fill tools or add numbering to your image.

Once you have finished capturing and editing your image you can save it to Nimbus if you have an account or create one right within the tool. You can also save it to a local folder, send it to Google Drive, copy it to the clipboard, or print the image.

The array of options for capturing screens, editing the image, and saving it to use later are great and this add-on very easy to use. So, if you are in the market for a screen capture add-on with its own set of editing capabilities, then Nimbus Screen Capture is an awesome choice.

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Nimbus Screen Capture


This add-on is good for quick screen captures because of its simplicity. Upon clicking the icon in the toolbar, you simply click and drag your mouse to select the area you would like to capture which can include video and Flash. When you release your mouse the selected area is captured and the editing tools display automatically on the same screen, which you can see in the image below.

Editing tools include text, lines, arrows, a rectangle, a pen tool, and a color chooser. After making your edits you can upload the image to Lightshot and then either open it or copy the link that is displayed for you automatically. You can also upload the image directly to a social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest which does not appear to be a common feature of similar add-ons. There are buttons to search for similar images on Google, print, copy, or save the image as .png, .jpeg, or.bmp.

Lightshot is a simple and comprehensive add-on for screen captures. It may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it really does not need them.

Lightshot Screen Capture

Awesome Screenshot Plus

Awesome Screenshot Plus is another ideal Firefox add-on for screen capturing. Upon clicking the button in your toolbar, you can select to capture the visible part of the page, entire page, or even search for similar sites.

After capturing the screen a new tab automatically opens with some simple tools for editing as seen in the image below. You can crop, draw shapes, arrows, and lines, use the blur tool, add text, and there is also a color chooser. When you are finished, just click the Done button and you then have the option to save the image online temporarily or with You can also save the image to a local folder as .png or .jpg and you can even set up shortcuts in the add-on settings.

Awesome Screenshot is also available for Chrome and seems to have many additional options available for that browser. Hopefully the Firefox version will be updated with those other features as well.

Awesome Screen Shot Editor

Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic

Pearl Crescent has a nice tool which places a camera button on your toolbar and uses sound upon capture. This add-on allows for a simple click to the capture the current screen and save it as .png or.jpg. This is a really great feature because it captures the entire length of the page without additional scrolling or work on your part.

If you select the arrow next to the camera button instead, you can choose the other capturing option to select only the visible portion of the page.

Settings are basic for this add-on and include choosing the default file format and a prompt to save the image to a specific folder each time. Settings include keyboard shortcuts and the ability to include Flash content when capturing the page.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic provides simple, straightforward screen captures. There is no dragging your mouse or resizing and it is good for when you prefer to use your own image editing software.

Pearl Crescent Screen Capture

What Do You Use for Screen Captures?

Some add-ons just offer a basic capture of your current screen, while others have some terrific features for capturing as well as editing. What is your favorite screen capture add-on for Firefox and why do you love it? Share your suggestions below!

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