Segue Between Storyboards! Ios Swift 4.2

This is how you can segue from one storyboard to another okay my first storyboard right here let’s get scared on this button here you’ve got this view controller it’s also part of a navigation controller so what we want to do is segue from this button tap to this storyboard called Halloween storyboard right here yikes that was a little.

Scary okay so tap here on the view controller go over here to your identity inspector and give the view controller a storyboard ID let’s call.

Uh view controller go back to the other one and now we want to look for ref storyboard reference that to what you want when you’re looking here in your objects so storyboard reference drag it out here now a little control drag over to here show now click on the storyboard reference it’ll ask you the storyboard name which was Halloween and then the view control you want to go to which is scary view controller run the app and get.
Ready for the scary Halloween sequence here we go let’s get scared yikes..

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