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What’s your favorite Twitter client? We asked you back in November and TweetDeck took over 27% of the vote, losing only to Hootsuite (36%), which surprised me actually. I also personally know a lot of people who use TweetDeck to manage their Twitter account, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the more popular third party Twitter clients out there.

Until a few days ago however, TweetDeck didn’t have the capability of sending tweets longer than 140 characters. But that all changed with the implementation of, which is a service kind of like TwitLonger. allows users to send messages in any length, including embedded images and videos.

What Is allows users to send messages of any length, whether it contains an embedded image, video, or just a lot of text. attaches a truncated link to the end of your long tweets that takes you to a special webpage to view the rest of the message. Users who have TweetDeck will be able to read the messages in full directly from the app, while everyone else will have to click through the link to see the rest of your tweet.

TweetDeck’s Desktop, Chrome, and Android apps all support posting updates, as well as those you receive from other TweetDeck users. isn’t available on the iPhone or iPad yet because TweetDeck is starting over by building brand new apps for both platforms.

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Check out this short YouTube video to see in action:

It’s also reported that a dedicated homepage is coming soon. It would feature a built-in search option so users can search through the tweets that are stored on TweetDeck’s servers.

What do you think of this new addition to TweetDeck?  Will you be using it?

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