Shipfinder: Find Ships At See

If you are interested in marine navigation, then you should check out Shipfinder. This tool, based on Google Maps, plots ship vessels around the world and provide good data on each ship. Plotted ships can be filtered into various ship types and color-coded for easy searching.

find ships at sea

With Shipfinder, you can view different ships as they sail through the oceans in almost real-time. You can click different filters such as cargo, dive vessel, dredger, high speed craft, tanker, military operation, and more. You can search for ships by typing in their call sign, destination, MMSI, or ship name. You can also go to a specific location using the search tab, Then click on a ship to read more information.

Ship finder is a great-way to find instant information on specific ships. This is especially useful if you are on a cruise and want to find out where the other ships are going to. The tool is also available in the iTunes app store.


  • Find ships position in Google Maps.
  • Filter ship plots by ship type.
  • Click on ships to view their full details.
  • Search different vessels by Name, MMSI, Call Name, and Destination.
  • Share link to specific location or embed map.
  • Similar tools: MarineTraffic and Sailwx.

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