ShortStack: A Website To Design Facebook Pages, Applications, Contests & Custom Forms

If you are a designer that creates content related to Facebook, then you could surely use something that makes your designing tasks easier. What you will find to be most useful is a tool that offers design elements you can use to create Facebook pages, apps, contests, and any other custom forms. Here to be that tool is a service called ShortStack.

design facebook pages

ShortStack is a web service that helps designers who work on products relevant to Facebook. The app helps most in the design of applications and forms. You can sign up for an account on the site and begin creating your design by dragging precreated widgets onto your design. Voting widgets, entry counts, promotion widgets, links, and many more widgets are offered by the website. A live preview is displayed in the right pane of the browser where you can easily view the impact of your changes. Simulations can be made based on date as well as country.


The free account of the website lets you create many custom Facebook pages in the abovementioned manner. The premium accounts start from $30 per month and provide support in designing contests, custom app icons, and advanced application analytics.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Helps designers create Facebook related products.
  • Lets you create Facebook pages, apps, contests, and custom forms.
  • Shows live preview of design.
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