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Our bookmarks are important to us therefore having a portable bookmarks list is always beneficial. Like Chrome, some of the latest web browsers include a built in portable bookmarks feature. For people who use other browsers or want an out-of-the-browser bookmarks online backup option, Sitehoover is a great tool.

save favorite links

Sitehoover is a free to use website that assigns a URL to each user. Visitors can save favorite links to their Sitehoover page. Their page is saved for 6 days only unless they have registered for a free Sitehoover account; account holders have their pages saved indefinitely.

Apart from this benefit, account holders can also choose from one of three available visual themes on Sitehoover. A Firefox addon is also available through the site which imports all of our Firefox bookmarks to our Sitehoover account and makes adding new bookmarks to Sitehoover even easier. Site owners can also get a special code which can be embedded in their own site to make it easier for visitors to add the site to their Sitehoover account.

For people with a long list of bookmarks they simply cannot do without, Sitehoover is a wonderful option regardless of which browser you use.

save favorite links


  • Fast and responsive interface.
  • Lets account holders choose visual themes.
  • Add-on for Firefox also available.
  • Makes our bookmarks accessible through the internet wherever we are.
  • Keeps our bookmarks saved forever.
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  • Similar tool: Thumbtack.

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