Sjava Interview In New York Hot97 Part 3

You know and so you all all kids and cultures go through that as they try to assimilate yeah your honor mean they’re not there they try to abandon language culture dress as they try to assimilate that’s and and you know I think all cultures do that you know I mean especially here in America or in countries that are.

Trying to quote unquote westernize damn you know what I mean so it’s not you know I you know I don’t want to say it’s just South Africa cuz it’s funnier it’s definitely not damn cuz me that’s what I thought and the tribe took it upon myself that I know I.

Know people from Puerto Rico a spanish-speaking Island who moved here and their parents didn’t teach them Spanish because they wanted to them wanted them to assimilate and not be ostracized and they don’t know out there Porto Rican people I know 50 years old learning Spanish now and they live in a country where and in a city where Spanish is spoken everywhere second language they tried to deny their heritage to assimilate for the quote-unquote better life well then I.

Guess this far that’s our number on Caterpie and and.

The guys from from from from dr and puerto rico bad i like it like.

That yeah but there’s been a resurgence of the embracing of just you know Spanish heritage I don’t want to call Spanish because Spanish is paying but Latin heritage yeah because I saw a post which was saying she thought that song will never go far because of the language yeah instead me it’s like same with Jamaican reggae music right so they.
Try to use less patois in the music to try to make.

It more mainstream and so that more people can understand it since like me doing it in English so that people can write so like on the song that you have on the Black Panther soundtrack yeah what language is that you sing in resolume you sing it in zulu and you switch and throw some english in there so three.
Words it’s like three lines.

But the whole thing it’s in it’s in it’s in it’s it’s it’s in zulu can you sing it right now for the people or is it too early for you to be singing like artists coming by the time for for me it’s never parted notes and sounding perfect it’s the it’s the message it what I’m saying so if you are the kid notes then you must watch.

Anytime I need that I need that in my life I may have you seen GIMP Ella I am I said right in Bella alive to go cuz that’s my joint right there and Bella GIMP Ella I.

Was told was like you was hollering at a girl like I can’t live without you with something like that’s what it is yeah he’s like you’re bad it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a confirmation song because most of the times when you let’s say you’re riding with your girl in the car.

Usually it’ll be her against your music or you against her music like oh my god girlfriends come stabbed with a music game when I’m you know trying to make you listen to Rihanna or some you wanna listen now I need to create a song that will be enjoyed by both ends them.

So it’s a confirmation so so what it says is I love you and then the other part says really this is like ya understand me so it’s like a conversation between.

Me and pearl onion pearl that means really for you are you for real yeah that’s what the hook is and them so that when you ride in with you would.

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