Skype Steals Google Hangouts’ Thunder With Free Group Video Calls

Many peopleĀ on Google Hangouts use it because it allows group chats with ten people. Skype now steals a bit of their thunder with the announcement of free group video calling. Earlier, at least one user had to be a premium paying subscriber to arrange a group chat. Skype free group calling is now available on Windows desktop, OS X, and the Xbox One. It will roll out to other platforms (like the Modern UI Skype app for Windows 8.1) in the near future. It will stay free.

Skype was always good for one-to-one video calls. Now, Skype’s group video calling can handle three to ten participants, but the company says five or fewer video callers should be optimum. The refreshing update should enable users to share many experiences as a family, as a circle of friends, or as collaborative teams. For instance, you can collaborate in real time with screen sharing via Skype.

Skype is playing catch-up with services like Google Hangouts, who has the lead. Google has tailored many other features around its group hangouts like collaborative apps. Google Hangouts also seems to be cooler than Skype, but this should help to close the distance.

What will happen to the paying members now that the core feature is free? Though there is no official word yet, this Skype community thread has a comment from the Skype team.

What do you feel about the change? Is this enough for you to launch Skype again for group video calls?

Source: Skype Blog via PC World

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