Smart Feed Reader: An Easy-to-Customize Reader for RSS, RDF & ATOM Feeds [Android]

Smart Feed Reader is a newly launched app for Android devices that offers you the facility to get your RDF, RSS and ATOM feeds. The app sports a user-friendly interface incorporating a number of useful features such as letting you import feeds from Google Reader, easily bookmark, sort and arrange your feeds. Moreover, it allows you to read your feeds even when you do not have an Internet connection available, while saving you the trouble of configuring the settings for updates you receive from your selected sources.

customize rss reader

When the app is installed on your device, you can select the news source from which you wish to receive updates. The app in turn creates separate folders for each news source, showing the number of unread updates against each folder and their source.


  • Lets you read complete articles along with any embedded multimedia files.
  • Allows you to set filters for the updates you receive as per your preference.
  • Option to mark articles as favorite, share or remove them from news feed.
  • Similar tools: Subpug, Pulse, Newsblur, FeedLooks, Prldr, Plusmo, Bloglovin, MailOnFeed, Viigo and ToRSS.

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