SnapShoter: A Screen Capture Tool & Clipboard Manager Rolled Into One [Windows]

screen capture softwareScreenshot tools are a large tribe and an ever growing one. From the industrial standard SnagIt to even little browser add-ons that reside in our browser, you can have your pick. Screen capture software tools are essential tools for bloggers and it pays to have them tucked away within easy reach. But why bloggers alone; if you live in any of the social networks like Twitter or Facebook and want to send a quick screenshot to your friends, a fast quick launching screen capture app is just what’s required.

Fast, lightweight, and portable are three adjectives that fit SnapShoter (ver1.4.9b) to the T. You can throw in ‘free’ too and you have a winner among the portable app ranks. SnapShoter also brings a smile to your face if you are a rapid fire screen-shooter. It is also a clipboard manager that can hold multiple images and manipulate them around. So, without further ado, let’s check out some key features.

A Lightweight Portable Download

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A 973KB size for screen capture software with a clipboard manager and image manipulation is a nice thing in a small package. Unzip the download and put it in its own folder as that’s where the captures and app preferences will also get saved. Clicking the EXE file launches SnapShoter as a sidebar on the right side of your screen. You can shift it to the left and also minimize it. Not so cool so far? Let’s snap some shots.

The Screen Capture

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SnapShot gives you three image capture modes – you can capture the whole screen/desktop, use the crosshairs to select an area, or use the timer with a 5 (can be set in Preferences) second delay. All screen captures end up in the app’s clipboard as a stack of images waiting for further treatment. You can capture and store as many as you want. You can even drag ‘n drop other images on your computer into the stack and order them around. You can also see them saved in a folder marked ‘captures’. Delete the images from the sidebar with a right-click or use the Kill button to ‘kill’ all of them in one go.

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SnapShot’s Compose Mode

free screen capture

The Compose window is your playground where you can do a lot more with your captured images. It is like an image editor. You can drag your images from the Clipboard stack to the compose window. The toolbar at the top gives you all the one-click functions. You have to experiment a bit as there are no tooltips and the tools aren’t marked out in any other way.

The Compose mode allows you to work with Layers. You can also create as many layers as you want. The four buttons from the right let you change the order, select, and delete layers.

free screen capture

Select your color from the palette a use the buttons next to it to draw shapes and lines on the canvas.

screen capture program

You can select any image and change the transparency of the layer on which it is placed. Another button allows you to change the contrast of the image by small factors. You can also place text on a layer.

The five buttons on the left can help you to setup a collage of pictures by changing the size and orientation of the images.

screen capture program

When you are done with your collage just save it all as a JPEG with a click.

Watermarking Your Images

screen capture software

Go into the Preferences window and enable watermarking your images with a custom text. You can also finetune the transparency and the font size. This window also has the snapshot timer custom control.

Summing It All Up

It took me some time to learn the controls as the software does not have a help manual yet. That’s one thing that can put of a newbie.

SnapShoter’s presence in your toolbox will depend on the kind of screen shot buff you are. If you are a heavy screen-shooter and like to have a rapid editor close-by then, this light software is worth a try. SnapShoter does not allow you to capture scrolling web pages or just the active screens. So, its use as a full fledged screen capture software is just a bit hindered. But what it gives you is an unlimited clipboard for stacking many images.

Use SnapShoter for a while and shoot us a few comments with your raves or rants.

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