SoSlang: A Dictionary Of Slang Maintained By Its Readers

Have you heard a slang word and wondered what its meaning was? Thanks to the Internet, you can easily look up the meanings of countless slang words. One resource that can be used for this purpose is SoSlang.

dictionary of slang

SoSlang is a free to use web service that lets you look up the meanings of slang terms. The site covers over six million definitions of slang terms, giving you a large database to search from. The words on the site and their meanings are all contributed by the site’s visitors. You can begin looking up a word by simply searching for it by keyword, browsing alphabetically, or checking out the most recent additions to the site.


Each definition can be voted up or down by you. In case you know the proper meaning to an inaccurately described term, you can submit your own definition.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides definition of slang terms.
  • Contains over six million definitions.
  • Lets you vote up or down definitions.
  • Lets you submit your own definitions.
  • Similar tools: UrbanDictionary and NoSlang.
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