SoundTracking Is A Music App That May Make You Forget About Shazam [iOS]

shazam alternativeEveryone loves using their iOS device for all kinds of music applications. An iPhone makes a great music player because of its streamlined interface and slew of available accessories. Of course, the key to really making the most of your iPhone as a full music device is applications. The App Store is filled with music applications, and some of them really go a long way towards making your iPhone an even better experience.

SoundTracking is an example of an app that makes the iPhone a better device for music lovers. If offers all kinds of cool features that should make any music lover incredibly happy. It’s featured on our Best iPhone Apps page, and it’s there with good reason. If you are looking for an app that identifies music, shares it on social media, and is a fantastic social network in and of itself, you need to look no further than SoundTracking. It offers all the features a music lover needs on their iPhone, and it’s free, so there is no reason not to install it on your device and give it a shot.

Using The App

shazam alternative

When you launch SoundTracking for the first time, it will have you link it with either your Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare account. After you link it, it will give you the option to connect it with other social media outlets for sharing your music. This last part is optional, and you can just link it with the network that you used to create your account. The app will have you create a username for SoundTracking, which is a quick process.

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After you have your account all squared away, it will suggest users for you to follow. These are users who are prolific on the app. If you are not interested in any of them, you can simply click “Done” on the top of the screen and move along.

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The app is divided into sections, which makes it easy to find what you need. The Feed is the first section, and this works like feeds on most social networks. Activity of other users you follow on SoundTracking will appear here, so you can see the music friends are posting about.

Speaking of friends, the app will automatically follow any other SoundTracking users on the social network accounts you link with it, so it will help you get started.

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The next section of the app is called Trending. This is where you can come to see the most popular things within the application. You can see popular posts worldwide, and if you grant the app access to your location data, you can see the posts that are popular in your local area.

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The next section is the bread and butter of the application. This is where you will come to identify songs and generate posts to be shared on your social networks. Just click the music note button and hold your iPhone up to your speaker where music is playing. The app will take a few seconds to listen to the song, and then it will let you know what is playing and give you the option to post it. You can also have it identify songs currently playing on your iPhone without the need to hold your device up to a speaker.

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When you decide to post a song, you are given some options to personalize what your friends and followers will see. You can choose to add some text to the post so you can tell your friends a little more about why you like the song or how it makes you feel. You can also include hashtags to let other SoundTracking users find your song. You can also add a photo and location to go along with the post if you should so choose. Once all that is done, you simply choose the other social networks to share on and click “Post.”

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The next sections are called Notes and Profile. Notes is where you will see details about who has started following you. As you can probably guess, your profile is where you will be able to see information like who is following you, who you are following, your most popular posts, and so on. You can also get access to the settings section of the app through the profile page.


If you are looking for a fantastic music app that is similar to apps like Shazam, SoundTracking is the perfect app for you. It syncs with your social media accounts, and comes with a full social network of its own. SoundTracking is a great free application that is well worth a download for any music lover with an iPhone.

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