South Africa Scientists Discover Ancient Crocodile

Jonah shuang’er and his team are searching for the remains of a crocodile a really really old crocodile they are believed to have lived 200 million years ago the quest began in 2015 when one of Jonah’s students found a fossil near the border with lassoo – she just found a few bones coming out we started to excavate it and.
We brought it back to the lab and it turned out to be.

The hip of a species we’d never seen before the new.

Discovery is thought to belong to one of the most dominant and fearsome crocodiles that ever lived the prehistoric reptile often mistaken.

For a dinosaur has never been found before in South Africa imagine a crocodile crossed with a lion sort of very large quarter people legs right under the body with these massive big jaws like I said a very intimidating animal these paleontologists are understandably excited about the prospects of their new find we have all those amazing things in our country and we can show the world all the things we have and I would.
Like to eventually be able to tell the.

Full story of you know just the evolution of Crocs it usually takes years for findings and fossils to be published but after 200 million years what’s a few more at this show our josh trt world.

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