South African Retailers Look At Ways To Reduce The Prevalence Of Single Use Plastic

Kevon good morning and thank you very much for your time just looking at some overnight reaction on in various reports and on social media people who support this decision of course describing it in some cases as a victory for our oceans their environment and for future generations good morning den and that’s absolutely right and one thing that I.

Think really has to be stressed about this is that this proposal this bill really does not have much opposition that vote you.

Referred to yesterday in the European Parliament it was 571 to just 73 and of course those 571 Pro votes that spans political ideology and parties across Europe so here’s what this proposal entails it would ban in the year.
Or by the end of 2021 things like.

Cotton stubs those are things we call q-tips growing up in this states plastic coffee stirrers plastic balloon sticks and of course disposable plastic plates and these disposable cutlery like spoons forks and knives these are.

Things that you bribe with all the time here in Belgium you’d use the term a Perot evening nibbles and drinks outside and the European Union the lawmakers there say what you should be using are these the real deal the metal things that you can reuse you.

Don’t end up polluting Europe’s oceans and waterways the EU says every year 150,000 thousand tonnes of plastics end up in EU waterways they want that to stop so dan that’s why there’s so little opposition to this proposal now it still needs to be negotiated with the EU Member.

Expected to be much resistance there so it is expected this will eventually become law here in the EU well the.

Reaction was I mean there’s lots of organisations worldwide Kevin who have been campaigning this for some time I’m sure some of that reaction in Europe has been coming through thick and fast overnight of course.

There’s organizations like the World Wildlife Fund that say this is just a huge win over the past few years we’ve all seen these images of plastics floating in the world’s oceans if you’ve been able to be go to.

The beach lately in Durban or if you’re up here in Europe you see cigarette butts plastic bottles all that lining the coast the EU wants to try to stop all of that and one thing that helped really get the momentum.

Behind this is last year trying to stop the import of plastics for recycling there so the EU has to try to tackle this on its.

Own now it does have to be said there was slight resistance there is a lobbying group of EU plastic manufacturers they call this move disproportionate they say this really stops investment in new forms of recycling but again the vote here was 571 to just 73 so this looks like this will be law in the not-too-distant future here.

In Europe thank you very much of this Kevin who’s become a correspondent in Brussels on that very important decision that’s been taken by the European Union Parliament to ban single-use plastic and now of course the work begins to make sure that will take place and be implemented in the various European countries.

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