SpeakMe: Hear Your Notifications Spoken Aloud Rather Than Reading Them [Android 2.1+]

Android users running version 2.1 and above can make use of SpeakMe, an app that speaks incoming notifications aloud in instances when reading from the screen might not be possible. Driving, physical exercise and other times when direct access to your phone are all good uses for this free little app.

android spoken notifications

Rather than have every notification read aloud, it is possible to specify which applications should use the service and also define the duration that should pass between receiving the notification and when the app begins to talk. Users may need to download a speech library before enabling the app from their Accessibility menu, but this is easily done from within the app.



  • Have incoming notifications read to you from the apps you really care about.
  • Define a minimum time to wait before the app starts to speak.
  • Stay up to date with notifications when driving, jogging and at other times you can’t attend to your phone.

Check out SpeakMe @ Google Play

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