Spoiler Warning: 10 Spoiler Websites That Can Ruin A Movie Ending

spoiler websitesFinding out how a movie ends even before you plan your Friday night out is hardly what fun sounds like. But movie spoilers do serve a purpose.

Spoilers are anything that kills the suspense and tension of a movie climax. It could be anything from a blabbering friend who saw the movie first, or the film critic who wrote about it without a spoiler warning.

Spoilers are important sometimes because you might want to make an informed decision on the movie. For instance, I hate tear-jerkers especially the ones where the protagonist dies in the end. Forewarned with the help of a spoiler, I can save myself the cost of a ticket and popcorn.

Spoilers also help sometimes when you have missed out on some tiny detail in a movie. How many of you caught the entry of Nick Fury after the end credits of Iron Man?

So, here are ten spoiler websites that take you on the straight road through the twists and turns of a movie plot.

The Movie Spoiler

movie endings ruined

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The site’s slogan is – Because it ain’t always the damn butler who did it. The website has an index of about 1,000 movies and their endings. It is one of the best spoiler websites if you are hunting for spoilers, because it does a good job of revealing all on the latest films that come to a theatre near you. Most of the movies have the plot detailed out. You can also contribute your own and have a crack at winning the reward the website promises to gift.


spoiler websites

Moviepooper gives seven reasons on exactly why I am writing this post. The site is from the guy who brings us the first one. For recent spoilers, you can check out the link in the top frame which says “˜In Theaters Now’. The site originally started as a personal list of movie plots and has ended up listing 4,000+ movie endings (and counting). Most of the movie pages have a YouTube trailer and an IMDB.com link for a second look.

Movie Stinger

movie endings ruined

Movie Stinger has the look and feel of a Web 2.0 movie site. The web service is all about informing the public about extra scenes during and after the credits of films and video games. It is not exactly a spoiler website because it limits itself to a quick view of whether or not a movie has an extra scene at the tail (without spoiling the ending for them).

Browsing through Movie Stinger, you can also find out the names of songs that play during credits. The site also has a list of movies with alternate endings.

Spoiler TV

movie endings ruined

Spoiler TV is a spoiler web service that covers all the major US TV shows, and movies. Plus you can catch teaser posters and celebrity gossip on the site. The TV shows are covered by network.

There’s also a forum where you can get a heads-up on your favorite movie or TV show.


movie spoiler websites

Spollywood helps you to destroy a movie for friends by sharing a one line spoiler with them via Facebook. It’s just a simple fun site with about 400+ one line spoilers.


movie spoiler websites

SpoilerFix caters to a few selected TV Shows like 90210, Chuck, Bones, and Desperate Housewives. The site reveals brief plotlines for upcoming episodes of various TV series but leaves enough so that you can enjoy the twists and turns when the episode finally airs.

Ain’t It Cool News

movie spoiler websites

This is a fresh site with a nice informal take on movies, television, and comic news. You also get reviews, chats, and a forum. This is again not a specialized spoiler website, but it’s a nice place to catch reviews written in an engaging manner. The forum in fact has an official anti-spoiler policy that discourages members from revealing an awaited movie’s ending. Well, it did prevent me from taking in the premiere show of Robin Hood.


You might visit a lot of film and movie sites, but you have to come and roost here. It’s not only a great resource for what’s been shown but also for what’s coming. Check out the Summer Movie Guide by month and genre. Future releases come with a Spoiler alert. While they won’t reveal the entire plot directly (thank God!), sometimes clues are let out. That’s why you will see a lot of Spoiler Warnings strewn about in the Plot Summary and Plot Synopsis pages.


spoiler websites

Wikipedia sometimes goes into so much detail with data like Plot, Cast, Screenplay, and External References (especially this), that finding out how a movie will turn out is not a difficult hob. For serious movie buffs, Wikipedia is a treasure of trivia.

100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes

If you were expecting a 10th spoiler website, here’s the spoiler – there isn’t. Instead you have this funny embed that practically kills off your entire movie watching for life in five minutes flat. Enjoy! And let us know your likes and dislikes on spoilers.

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