SportMeets: Organizing & Managing a Sports Team Online

Are you and your friends about to have a sports match with some people from another neighborhood? Are you the manager of a sports team about to schedule a match with another team? If you have answered “yes” to either question, then Sport Meets is just the site for you.

Sport Meets is a user friendly free web service that makes organizing & managing a sports team easy. You can be a team manager or a simple team member. As a team member you can view stats of matches plus tournaments and get notifications sent by your manager and other teams. For team managers, Sport Meets provides the ability to schedule matches and organize team.

managing a sports team

Through Sport Meets reminder and invitation notifications can be sent via text messages, emailing, and online social networks. The integration of PayPal into the site lets you handle membership payments, if your team requires them.

manage sports team online


  • Easily  manage sports team online
  • The site is free for groups under 50 people.
  • Works equally effectively for amateur neighborhood teams as well as professional team managers.
  • Lets you manage teams of many sports.
  • Lets you easily schedule matches and send relevant notifications through multiple mediums.
  • PayPal integrations facilitates team membership fees.
  • Similar tools: RosterBot, Team-Maker, FanFeedr, ActiveMap and Skimble.
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