Stars Of Tv And Film At Annual Dpa Pre-awards Gift Suite

So here we are at the pre awards DPA gifting lounge at the fabulous Lex hotel come follow me and you’ll see these fabulous gifts that all these celebrities get to come by and pick up for free and just fill up their goodie bags right here they could have their makeup done they can get their false lashes that looks.

As you can see they can also have their eyebrows done this is why these celebrities look so amazing on the red carpet now right here so they have energy as they’re walking down the red.

Carpet cuz they’ll be a while before they eat they’ve got the warrior blend and here little chips that they can sneak in their purse beet chips give them a lot of energy and of course he’s a fabulous soaps and lotions by DM danielle winter Danielle did winter you know it’s fabulous and so good for your.
Skin and these candles that only do they smell.

Great and they’re beautiful candles they’re wonderful for your skin as well they’re moisturizing and.

These perfumes smells so good I actually have this one right here I have it on now and I’ve got nothing but compliments because it’s smells so wonderful and the wonderful part about it too is that it’s unisex so actually the producer of our show has this one but women can also have this and also.
Men can use this one this the fragrances.

Are just delightful and it’s very original and as you can see it’s.

From Patti and of course we have glide and then down here if you have a dog you know that they have to look classy and dressy as well so we have these beautiful beautiful dog collars and we’re gonna sneak by here if you don’t have a dog you should get one you can actually adopt a husky look how beautiful these dogs are and this is a beautiful beautiful wonderful lady who volunteers her time so she can say the Huskies and if you.

Come down here this is wonderful wonderful lotion.

And lipstick and makeup and as you can see this is the brand name and any of the products that we’re showing you.

Today you can just go online you can order them.

Online and now this is custom made so this is the young lady that custom.

Made my blend and the blend for.

The cameraman but it’s it’s just wonderful it’s easy and it’s it’s just a wonderful lotion.

That you can put on but the the different sensor just the life of their lavender and citrusy and lemony or you can just have plain and they make it for you custom for your face you tell them what kind of face you have and and these are the little.

Scientists here that put it all together you want delightful water this is it it’s topo Chico and it’s delicious we had some just the right amount of seltzer oh oh just lost the bottle of course ice if you’re not familiar with.

It very low calorie taste very good and if you need some furniture you can just keep it in.

Then just inflate it when you just need extra chairs this coffee is delicious you don’t even need sugar in it it’s naturally sweet and it tastes so good if you’ve.

Got a sweet tooth cakes and cupcakes this is the young lady that actually will.

Put it together for you and of course you can always Instagram her if you have any.

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