Step Ball Change – South African Township Short Dance Documentary

My name is Kim sunny and I’m a dancer in Pam schools don’t sing hello my name is Roxanne barber and I’m an assistant teacher for Pam School of Dance hi my name is Pam Kendall and I am the owner of Pam school of dancing I started teaching because my friends in Davidson wanted to dance but their parents bought.

Paintings so then um so then I just taught them some even and they said they enjoy it so then I just continued a name that’s how we started in my mother’s garden and.

Then one of the mothers said that we could go to one of her church so then we started going to that place name we didn’t like it so then we started moving places and more people started.

Coming from the church so that’s how we.

Started like I heard about what she was doing in David’s and the kids.

Were just coming there to dance and I felt obliged to actually follow us through and I’m helped this whole process because it was amazing to give all these little kids the opportunity to to dance an opportunity they would never normally get to how God involved was concern he was teaching a small group of girls in her mom’s backyard and so Pam was a bit worried that she wasn’t teaching them the.

Right basic technique so they wouldn’t she was give that shoe that she was gonna hurt the girls and so she wanted someone a bit older slightly more knowledgeable to kind of take over the classes and lead the classes until Pantani’s old enough to do the classes.

Myself I saw both of them growing ut I saw Castagna gaining confidence she was really battling to to speak in front of people and yeah she was running a whole class and I saw a Roxy I’m really endeavoring to make this world a better place and the more she got involved the more she wanted to do and help these kids to be able to dance and perform and they’ll come to me the following week and show.

Me things that they learned over one week that goes that I teach every weekend haven’t been able to do over six months it’s incredible most of the parents say that most of the dance classes are more expensive and.

Make it cheaper concern he’s a really good dancer so I’d also like her to continue dancing professionally and inspiring all these kids in David over the the year that I’ve been doing this there’s been incredible improvement I started dancing I don’t think my advice to anyone who wants to follow their passion is to never give up and just follow their hearts with tons.

Explore different things try different things out and if you can help someone and if you can make someone else happy then then do that you must go for it you mustn’t um let it slip you by and if you really want to do it you mustn’t let anything stand in your way you must just go for it because you can and if you really want it from the heart you can have it you you.

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