Strictly Ambient: Free Music Downloads, Streams & Playlist [Sound Sunday]

If you’ve ever wanted to stream Sound Sunday in one go, finally, this edition contains a one-loop-playlist provided by minilogs.

Ambient music emphasizes sound and atmosphere. Brian Eno, a pioneer of the genre, says “[it] must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.” This characteristic makes ambient music the perfect backdrop for any activity, from focused studying to simply relaxing.

The Playlist

Here it is, the often demanded Sound Sunday Playlist. Listen to the entire edition from beginning to end, before deciding which albums you really want to download. You can move between albums via the control buttons on top.

Note that the album by Cloudkicker, although included is, for unknown reasons, not compatible with minilogs and won’t play. Please scroll down to give it a spin via the Bandcamp widget.

Ambient Rock

Genre: indie, alternative, electronic, ambient, lo-fi, shoegaze, psychedelic, pop, space rock

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Brian Grainger is a self-taught musician with a hand for multiple instruments, including the guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard. In the early 2000s he started experimenting with electronic music and later co-founded the label Milieu Music. Swamp Rock appeared on Attacknine Records and combines sheogaze rock with dream pop and heavy psychedelic elements.

Genre: ambient, doom, drone, post rock, shoegaze

The compositions of Jacob Brant are rich in layers and effects. You’ll notice various instruments and samples, all skilfully mended, creating an impression of constant flow of one sound into the next, pushed ahead by effects, and spilling over into the following song. This EP is best enjoyed in one go with headphones on.

Genre: ambient, instrumental, progressive, hard rock, metal

Self-categorized as metal, but undeniably featuring hard rock elements, Cloudkicker remains one of my favorite instrumental artists, as many appearances on Sound Sunday prove. Although just containing four pieces, this record represents a full album with each song lasting between 5 and 16 minutes.

Quiet & Dreamy Ambient

Genre: experimental, electronic, edm, r&b, soul

Leaving the previous tracks behind, we’ll briefly dive into thick and slow-moving ambient spheres with the following albums. This sample-heavy ambient music for bedrooms and dorm rooms was made in Texas.

Genre: electronic, ambient, idm, chillout, downtempo, folktronica, nostalgic, trip hop

Sirch is the emotive-electronic project of Canadian-based musician and sound artist Chris Szott.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: experimental, ambient, pop, lo-fi, shoegaze

The atmospheric nature of ambient music is best achieved in the absence of vocals. This album is a rare exception. Calm lyrics are embedded under a thick layer of sounds, thus not stirring up the dreamy atmosphere too much.

Genre: indie, experimental, electronic, ambient, neo-classical, piano

«Roads for» is like an attempt to remember a dream or something, that happened a long time ago – with distorted sounds and wrong proportions, but still with echoes of the beauty, that cannot be rehearsed.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: electronic, ambient, progressive, dance

The musical brainchild of Joshua Delaney (Chet Faker, SMILE, Redberry Plum), RAT & CO create ambient, moody and delicate soundtracks.
Source: Facebook

Genre: experimental, ambient, dance,

Some artists do not wish to be understood through words. Maybe that’s why they produce instrumental music and obscure their profiles with a list of numbers. If you feel like decoding what’s behind Ishpadishi, visit their Bandcamp page.

Genre: experimental, ambient, electronic, idm, cinematic, downtempo

“Bobby has changed the world with this release. I could write thousands of words on the beauty, the complexities, the subtleties, the simplicity, the way it transforms whatever state of mind you are in… But i’ll leave it at that. My favorite track? ALL OF THEM.” –Nick Zuclich
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: ambient

This is the debut album of Swedish ambient music duo CBL, then known as Notch.

Avant Garde Chillout

Genre: ambient, electronic, avant garde, chillout

Party of this album have been used for the Bound Off literary podcast, published by the magazine of the same name.

Ambient Drone

Genre: experimental, ambient, instrumental, dark, space, drone

The story of this concept ambient space album revolves around the life and fate of Eta Carinae, a stellar system located over 7,500 light years from the Sun and expected to explode in a supernova or hypernova in the (astronomically) near future.
Source: Wikipedia

Genre: experimental, ambient, drone, minimal, shoegaze

Suspendisse is the music project by Diego Chopin from El Salvador.

Genre: experimental, ambient, electronic, drone, idm

“Putting this on your headphones will make you think about things you weren’t thinking you’d be thinking about today.” –Jeremy
Source: Bandcamp

Final Question

What do you think of the minilogs playlist? Does it work and will you use it in the future?

If you’d like to see your music or favorite genre featured on Sound Sunday, post your thoughts and requests in the comments or get in touch with me @TinaSieber on Twitter or email tina at this domain. Now you can also suggest albums via minilogs.

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