Structure Your FireFox Browsing History With FromWhereToWhere

firefox history formatWe’ve seen quite a few interesting tools that could allow us to make the most of and get more productive with our browsing history: here are 4 Firefox addons to search and record browsing history and here’s another guide on how to record and print out browsing history on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

FromWhereToWhere is another way to dig into your browsing history and structure it in some way.

Similar to the no-longer-supported addon called “Referrer History”, this tool structures your FireFox history based on which page took you to the current URL and where you headed after that.

More Effective Search

Web search may be very addictive and hectic. You click through the search results, then you start clicking links on the target pages – and you ultimately forget where you actually started and how you got to the current page. With FromWhereToWhere addon you can always get a well-structured picture of what you’ve been doing.

It only shows the web history that is related to the currently active URL instead of displaying all the browsing history.

All you need to do is to click FromWhereToWhere item in your FireFox “Tools” menus when on the search results page and:

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  • You’ll see the list of pages you clicked from the search results;
  • Each node can be expanded if there are URLs that you visited from the URL it stands for;
  • Each page has the exact date when you visited it for the last time;
  • You can open a URL by right click on the node -> “open in new tab”, or simple double click.

firefox history format

Note: the addon does NOT collect browsing history, Firefox does when you let it. FromWhereToWhere only search through the history data kept by Firefox. This means that you are not allowing any third-party tool to access your history. Instead, the tool is using the database which already exists within your browser and moreover the tool is analyzing the information locally.

You can control what the tool has access to by tweaking your FireFox browsing history settings:

Go to: Tools -> Options -> Privacy and there select “Use custom history for settings”. Now you have more freedom with tweaking what is being saved:

  • Remember your browsing history or your download history;
  • Remember your search and form history;
  • Clear history when you browse the history:

firefox history display

Domain Browsing History

The tool offers a clearly structured domain history: which links you clicked off from any domain or website. The search result proximity can be somehow controlled:

  • Search terms that are not quoted are considered optional. A page will show up in search results if its title has any (at least one) of the optional terms;
  • If you need an exact match, you’ll have to use the phrase in quotes;
  • You can also exclude any word with help of – operator: -word:

firefox history display

Easy Note Taking

The addon has a useful note-taking feature inside that lets you quickly save some URLs for further reference:

  • Hold CTRL to select multiple links;
  • Right-click and select “Save to local notes”
  • A note will be created named after the top selected URL:

firefox history format

Additional fun feature: Scrapbook support – if a link had been captured by the add-on Scrapbook, it’ll be highlighted in Italic font – which makes this addon even more note-taking-friendly.

What are your thoughts? Does this look like a promising addon!

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