Stupeflix: Generate Cool Video Presentations

Stupeflix is a website that lets you automatically generate cool video presentations out of pictures, music, videos and text. The application provides you with an intuitive editor using which you can upload content and then customize it to your taste. You can organize images in groups, add legends and drag & drop items around. When you’re done Stupeflix will create the video and forward it to your email address.

generate cool video presentations

Additionally, Stupeflix provides an API for web developers, using which they can easily create videos out of content (pictures, videos and text) found on web pages.

See demo videos:


  • Create cool video presentations online.
  • Create as many videos as you like.
  • Presentation videos can be created from pictures, music, videos and text.
  • Organize your images into groups
  • Add legends, soundtracks and text overlays
  • Download your video and share it with the world.
  • Visual and XML editors are supported.
  • Similar website: Animoto

Check out Stupeflix @

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