Sunset Supper, Mykonos

On our final night in Mykonos, we popped back into the pretty painted town.

Just as the sun started slipping closer and closer to the horizon, turning the white houses a gentle golden colour.

Summer coat

Striped top // Jeans // Sandals

Lemon print bag

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We stopped off along the way to say hello to particularly charming locals.

And clambered down into the bay.

Turning our back on Little Venice this time, heading instead to the left.

Caprice’s Sea Satin Market.

A Greek seafood restaurant perched on the rocks, with the waves lapping against its whitewashed walls.

And most importantly, an uninterrupted view of the setting sun.

We took a table on the water’s edge, with the famous windmills standing guard above us.

Unlike the crush of the bars on Little Venice (fun if you’re in the party spirit), here you can find a little room to breathe.

And book a table, which is handy!

We ordered a bottle of wine and a few nibbles.

Bread fresh from the ovens, sitting in olive oil, sprinkled with salt, herbs and olives.

We thought the flowers in the ice bucket were a particularly lovely touch!

Taramasalata and tzatziki.

And that view!

Courgette fries, covered in a crisp batter and sprinkled with salt.

Searingly hot and begging to be dunked into the cool tzatziki.

Just as the sun longed to be dipped into the cool sea…

We stayed chatting and drinking our wine until the sky turned from pink to indigo.

Strolling in the darkness through the winding streets of…

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