SwiftKey Keyboard v5 For Android Goes Free, Launches Store For In-App Purchases

SwiftKey Keyboard, one of the best Android apps, has some good news for fans today. With the launch of version 5 of the predictive text keyboard, the app has gone free!

Until now, SwiftKey would only give you a 30-day trial period after which you had to buy it for $3.99. And while we already thought it was one of the Android apps worth paying for, the new version has no such requirements.

There are lots of new features in SwiftKey 5 too, but the important ones you need to know are:

  • SwiftKey Store: The keyboard app now has in-app purchases for add-ons starting with free and premium themes.
  • Emoji: SwiftKey not supports over 800 emojis on devices running Android 4.1 or above, and these also come with optional emoji prediction! For example, type “burg” and the burger emoji appears.
  • Number row: Finally, finally there is the option to add a new row at the top of your keyboard for numbers, which you can enable or disable in Settings > Layouts.

The update has also improved the prediction engine of the app, with a focus on improving multilingual prediction, so you can type in up to three languages at once! Speaking of which, SwiftKey now supports 66 languages at a contextual level and has recently added Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh.

In case you already paid for SwiftKey Keyboard and feel cheated, the company is giving you a pack of 10 premium themes for free, worth $4.99. It’s small consolation, but the free themes don’t look as good, so this is welcome. Here’s how to claim your premier pack.

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The SwiftKey YouTube channel now has new videos of short tutorials or any FAQs about the new app, so you can head there if you’re stuck.

Download: SwiftKey Keyboard for Android (Free | In-App Purchases)

In our test for the best Android keyboard, SwiftKey topped the group along with Swype. Since Swype still remains a paid app for $3.99, would you consider SwiftKey over Swype now? In fact, do you think SwiftKey is the best value for an Android keyboard now?

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