SymptomChecker: Check Medical Symptoms & What They Mean

SymptomChecker is an interactive tool provided by WebMD health information portal which lets you check medical symptoms and what they mean online. The application is easy to use, simply follow step by step process of picking corresponding symptoms and it will give you a list of possible causes.

You can check your symptoms in 3 easy steps:

  1. Submit your age and sex.
  2. Select part of the body where you experiencing problems. Zoom in to a more specific part of the body, and then select from the symptoms available.
  3. Add more symptoms (from same or different part of body) or select a possible condition to get more information.

medical symptoms and what they mean

After you have identified the most possible condition for your symptom,  click to view more information and read related articles about it without leaving the page. You can always go back, add/remove symptoms or edit your age and sex.

Note: This App is for information purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for a professional medical advice.


  • Check your medical symptoms and view possible conditions via an interactive tool.
  • Symptom Checker provided by WebMD health information portal.
  • Zoom in and out on your body parts to select symptom.
  • Search symptoms from the search bar.
  • Check your symptoms from the website or from your cellphone.
  • Free, no registration needed.
  • Similar sites: iMedix and Trusera.

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